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FAKE Script... Repaints Signals... Current Signals appear and disappear if the trend is changing.... don't waste your time!
+2 Svara
Thank you for this. I appreciate you sharing your work with us.
Thank you for this. I can tell most people don't understand multi-timeframe trading and this is very helpful. I don't like that it repaints, but it's still far better than most traditional methods. Thank You. Are there any improvements to lakshmi that you are going to implement?
Sir I want it how can I get it.
Pls send data
How to remove the future looking function...
Repaint ... don't lost time with this guys.
jvshk78 gucci-trading
@gucci-trading, code needs to be used in an intelligent manner.
+3 Svara
The signals are disappearing after sometime.
jvshk78 sinhapunkaj
@sinhapunkaj, signals disappear because market has reversed..
Your script is looking into the future mate... ;)
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