Bollinger Bands on Macd

Only longs when Macd line is above Bollinger Band and shorts when Macd line is above Bollinger Band , this will avoid many problems.

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Hello! I am new to this. Can you help me understand what is the difference between ema(BBMacd,9) and ema(close,lenta) ? I am trying to understand what Avg is. It's clear that ema(close, lenta) returns the Moving Average for the lenta periods.. but ema(BBMacd,9) doesn't make sense in the context of BBMacd being a price difference..

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Dreadblitz crimaru
@crimaru, hello is simply an ema BBMacd to create the upper and lower band with stdv and SDev, greetings
Work perfectly, great job. Congratulations! ...and thanks for giving away your talent.
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Dreadblitz seatfive
@seatfive, thank you very much greetings
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Hello thx for the indicator! How can I change the setting so I can set this to a different time frame? (for example, set this to 4 hr on a 1 hr chart)
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hi, is it possible to make an indicator like this using RSI or OBV?
Super did you create an Mt5 indicator for it ???