Bollinger Bands + 2 MA (Exponential)

Basic Bollinger Bands implementation, with the option to use an exponential moving average and a more accurate stdev function than the builtin. This also includes two extra MA lines which can be tuned as you like, to reduce the number of indicators needed (the bollinger basis is also a moving average, so in total you get 3MA out of this indicator). This draws an inner/outer envelope which can be tuned, by default it is set to 1-2STDEV.

This uses the same same improvement to stdev as my other bollinger indicator:

See more info about the bultin stdev here:
Release Notes: Updating to apply a scale factor while calculating the bollinger mean and deviation to increase precision with tiny cryptocurrency exchange rates.
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Could it be possible to had a color zone when the candle line pass over the bbline ?
thanks great one.
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