Step Linear PIVOTS

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In my trading I use pivots system allot , only problem with them is that in lower time frames they do not perform as well
so I created this system which is more dynamic for this purpose
based on 3 indicator and just mix between then
the first is linear regression , second is alex grover step tred , the third is the regular pivots
first step is to make alex indicator to act as our P value but getting the info from linear
after that I put it on the pivots using the deviation from alex indicator as lower or upper
in this way we have have much more flexible system that we can play with any best setting to fit it
so I hope this system will help those who do day trade in lower time frames, although it can be fit to any time frame
so the idea here is to get sense where we are in this setting
so this is experimental and lets see if it will be better or not then traditional system of pivots :)
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Do these pivot lines change values on the live chart or are they static and pre-calculated?
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nileshmartin vaibhavsghanekar
@vaibhavsghanekar, i would like to know too!
Lovely idea, you're getting more and more creative. :)
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@Owl, thanks, I just try to make fun stuff, some good , some not so , maybe in the end we find the holy grail:) but so far I am very far from it:)
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nileshmartin RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, hey awesome stuff !!! wanted to know if the pivot lines are pre calculated and printed for the day/week etc ? i mean do they remain static or do they move?
15 min charts seems work best for this setup , for other tf maybe you need to optimize to fit data the best
ICEKI RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, You're just awesome; thanks for helping us for the day trading =D
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here example of btc 15 min charts
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