3ngine Global Boilerplate

This strategy is designed to bring consistency to your strategies. It includes a macro EMA filter for filtering out countertrend trades,
an ADX filter to help filter out chop, a session filter to filter out trades outside of desired timeframe, alert messages setup for automation,
laddering in/out of trades (up to 6 rungs), trailing take profit, and beautiful visuals for each entry. There are comments throughout the
strategy that provide further instructions on how to use the boilerplate strategy. This strategy uses `threengine_global_automation_library`
throughout and must be included at the top of the strategy using `import as bot`. This allows you to use dot notation
to access functions in the library - EX: `bot.orderCurrentlyExists(orderID)`.

1. Add your inputs
There is a section dedicated for adding your own inputs near the top of the strategy, just above the boilerplate inputs

2. Add your calculations
If your strategy requires calculations, place them in the `Strategy Specific Calculations` section

3. Add your entry criteria
  • Add your criteria to strategySpecificLongConditions (this gets combined with boilerplate conditions in longConditionsMet)
  • Add your criteria to strategySpecificShortConditions (this gets combined with boilerplate conditions in shortConditionsMet)
  • Set your desired entry price (calculated on every bar unless stored as a static variable) to longEntryPrice and shortEntryPrice. (This will be the FIRST ladder if using laddering capabilities. If you pick 1 for "Ladder In Rungs" this will be the only entry.)

4. Plot anything you want to overlay on the chart in addition to the boilerplate plots and labels. Included in boilerplate:
  • Average entry price
  • Stop loss
  • Trailing stop
  • Profit target
  • Ladder rungs
Release Notes: Fixed some typos and formatting issues.
Release Notes: Fixed a bunch of variable typos and issues with plot colors not being set correctly based on long vs short states.
Release Notes: Lot of updates to the strategy to add laddering in.
Release Notes: Fixed issues with laddering out of trades. Still an issue with ladder out exits not working as desired/expected. Fix coming soon.
Release Notes: Lots o changes
Release Notes: Laddering in and out is now fixed!
Release Notes: Fixed Short trades which were closing right after opening.

Removed redundant strategy.exit() function that was outside of the logic it needed to be in.
Release Notes: unifying variable format to use camel case everywhere instead of having a mix of underscores and camel case.
Release Notes: Fixed bug that caused the ladder out quantities to be incorrect resulting in the wrong number of exit orders.
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