Price Divergence Detector V3 revised by JustUncleL

This is a revised version of the original "Price Divergence Detector by RicardoSantos".
Price Divergence detection for various methods : RSI , MACD , STOCH , VOLUME , ACC-DIST, FISHER, CCI , BB %B and Ehlers IdealRSI. Both Hidden and Regular Divergences are detected.

Revision 3.0 by JustUncleL
  • Added option to disable/enable Hidden and Regular Divergence
  • Added new divergence method BB %B (close only)
  • Added new divergence mothos Ehlers IdealRSI (close only)

Revision 2.0 - by RicardoSantos

Information on Divergence Trading:
  • http://www.babypips.com/school/high-school/trading-divergences
  • http://www.incrediblecharts.com/indicators/bollinger_percentage_b_band_width.php (BB %B)

Release Notes: Updated to Revision 3 of Pinescript
Updated with some RicardoSantos version 2.022 revisions.
Release Notes: ..
Added Elders Force Index method.
Other small changes.
Release Notes: 3.2 Update
  • Added Trend Volume Accumulation, this option really works only well with Renko and HA candles. You have the option to use EMA for trend direction change instead of candle bull/bear direction.
  • NOTE: Trader discretion is required to manually filter out invalid Divergence, there is no account made for the length of each trend when comparisons are made.
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I'm a bit unclear on what the 'R' and the 'H' stand for. Could anybody explain what those imply? I'm trying to use this for RSI divergence.
+20 Svara
JustUncleL iper404
@iper404, They stand for Regular and Hidden divergence markers.
+8 Svara
I need script can alert every time signal R + H appear, Can you help me sort out it ?
+8 Svara
egsand diemtuvongoc
@diemtuvongoc, i can do that for this and other indicators
+4 Svara
@egsand, i need it too, can you help me out?
Very nice!

How can i make it show each divergences at the same time? currently you can only choose one indicator at a time
+4 Svara
Here is a link to the original R2 release by RicardoSantos:
+2 Svara
justinj54 JustUncleL
@JustUncleL, hello is there alerts added to this script for bullish and bearish divergence?
JustUncleL justinj54
@justinj54, None currently
MDicko123 JustUncleL
@JustUncleL, Is there any way to add any alerts. Is there a simple addition to add to the script maybe? Thanks
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