Show the price and volume occurrence levels for a determined price range.
Release Notes: fixed some issues were the bars wouldnt display, thx Ari Fayn for the solution.
added a optional, label to display stats.
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How its different from volume profile?
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this is amazing work! It gives almost the same profile as Volume Profile Fixed Range for the last 100 bars.
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Sir. I would like to bring the volume profile closer to the candlestick because it is far away from the candlestick. Can it be change like that?
is it intended that the window base time starts the amount of the windows size in front of the current price? for example the standard of 100 draws the lines for a range of 200 bars. If you would divide the _length of the base_t by the window size like shown below it would start at the current price time.
// || Function to draw base lines on chart.
int _base_t = time + int(change(time) * _length/window)
int _start_t = time - int(change(time) * _length)
@RicardoSantos I seem to face a problem using this indicator.The bars are not loaded, only numbers get loaded and that too to the left of screen. Please update the script. Thanks
RicardoSantos sunnysai12345
@sunnysai12345, doesnt look script related try removing cookies and refreshing the browser?
RicardoSantos RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, the script may be erratic near session breaks
sunnysai12345 RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, Seems to work after setting the flag show_numerical_values to false
Thank you, quite helpful.
can u have the EW pattern
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