Squeeze Panel

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This is a combination of the Squeeze Momentum Indicator by LazyBear and the Wave A/B/C indicator by UCSGEARS, presented as a panel inspired from work by lejmer.

The panel consist of 5 rows:

1. Squeeze Indicator
2. Squeeze Direction
3. Wave A
4. Wave B
5. Wave C
Release Notes: The calculation of the Keltner Channel has been made true to the definition over at Investopedia.

The Money Flow Index (MFI) has been added as the default alternative as the Breakout indicator.
MFI is commonly used to monitor the flow of money and/or momentum; a value above 50
may indicate a Buy pressure and vice versa. The previous, Linear Regression, is still maintained
as an optional alternative to MFI (this to be backwards compatible to the previous version).

Also, the coloring of the Green/Red colors of the panel has been made more friendly toward
color blind persons.
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Enjoying your work and the panel! Huge fan of lejmer
kruskakli SavedByTheBellBrent
@SavedByTheBellBrent, thanks, I'm also a fan of lejmer :-)
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