[PX] Moon Phase

Hello guys,

while scrolling through the public library, I was surprised that there was no Open-Source version of the Moon Phase indicator. All moon phase indicators in the public library were either protected or not exactly what I was looking for. There is a built-in "Moon Phase" indicator, but even for this one, we can't access its source code.
Therefore, I started searching for an algorithm that I could implement into PineScript.

So here we go, an Open-Source Moon Phase indicator. It comes with the option to color the background based on the recent moon. Compared to the built-in indicator, the moon is slightly shifted, because it is centered on the candle and not plotted between two candles like the built-in indicator is doing it.

Feel free to use the indicator for your analysis or build on top of it in an open-source fashion.

Happy trading,
paaax :)

Reference: This indicator is a converted and simplified version of the original javascript algorithm, which can be found here.
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I'm not a coder this help me a lot and Thank you for your hard work!
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how do I encode this indicator in trading view.



Thanks for sharing!!
Brilliant! I notice the phase timings differ to the built-in indicator - is there a reason for this? many thanks.
Thank you very much. I was also unable to edit the source code for the built-in TradingView Moon Phases indicator. Is it possible to plot the upcoming moons on the chart as opposed to only plotting them when they happen? Eg. Plot moons for a particular period of time ahead, lets say a month.
sam20000 DougQuaid
@DougQuaid, Hey Doug, did you manage to plot the moon phases into the future?
DougQuaid sam20000
@sam20000, No I didn't, unfortunately, as I haven't figured it out yet. @paaax - Any thoughts on my original comment above?
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mxvin DougQuaid
@DougQuaid, Actually it's quite easy to make phases ahead current date, You might want to check my modified script :)
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Hi @mxvin, thanks for the response! I just re-added the script however where is it that I can plot the phases ahead of the current date? There are no options to do that in the config window.
mxvin DougQuaid
@DougQuaid, Maybe you still use original paaax script, check again as I'm not changing the indicator name. and you can change how many (+) days after today you want phases shows on indicator settings -> Input. hope it helps :)
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