Pi Cycle Bitcoin top indicator

The Pi Cycle Top Indicator has historically been effective in picking out the timing of market cycle highs to within 3 days.
It uses the 111 day moving average (111DMA) and a newly created multiple of the 350 day moving average, the 350DMA x 2.

Note: The multiple is of the price values of the 350DMA not the number of days.

For the past three market cycles, when the 111DMA moves up and crosses the 350DMA x 2 we see that it coincides with the price of Bitcoin peaking.

It is also interesting to note that 350 / 111 is 3.153, which is very close to Pi = 3.142. In fact, it is the closest we can get to Pi when dividing 350 by another whole number.

It once again demonstrates the cyclical nature of Bitcoin price action over long time frames. Though in this instance it does so with a high degree of accuracy over the past 7 years.

Full Credit to PositiveCrypto :
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Does this work only with BTC?
+10 Svara
Where is it found?
+8 Svara
Hi how can we get this indicator?
Is the free TV account ok?
how to make use of this script ? i have saved that but see nothin gupon setting it on
hi like this alot !! well done
ive noticed that other versions of this use 2x 350ma so in this do i need to put 700 ?? or does this do this already with the 350
Jonnie89 Crypto-Maestro
@Crypto-Maestro, He already has the multiplier in the script if you look at the end of line 13 in the code there is a x2 multiplier.
thank you
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