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*Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results*
*Strategy created for backtesting purposes only.
*Backtesting assesses the viability of a trading strategy or pricing model by discovering how it would have played out retrospectively using historical data.
* Please be sure to read all updates below as the information below could change with future updates.

Rosebud Trend Indicator uses complex range calculations to easily detect trend changes, critical support and resistance levels, and even aid in spotting reversals. The Critical Support & Resistance Zones are plotted via the red and green cloud. This cloud not only visually displays the expected trend direction but often acts as major support and resistance zones. The outer band measures the expected range in which the assets trade over longer periods of time.
The Rosebud Trend Backtest combines the calculations of the ATR Auto Oscillator & the Rosebud Trend Indicator to demonstrate backtest performance.

// Settings //

Users can switch the ‘Trend Sensitivity’ between ‘Low', 'Med', and ‘High’ to increase or decrease the rate at which the cloud changes.
By altering the S/R Band Thickness users can furthermore increase or decrease the rate at which a trend changes by altering the thickness of the cloud. Default is .50 however this can be lowered if needed.

Bar colors are generated by a combination of Rosebuds primary function and our ATR AUTO Oscillator base functions. Users have 3 bar color options to select from: Simple, Complex, and Off.
  • Simple: Bars colors alternate between shades of red and green based on the trend direction and the ATR Auto strength. The stronger the shade, the stronger the trend.
  • Complex: This adds a few extra variables to the script which generates a more complex bar color display. Using this option, Rosebud will generate light red bars in a bull trend if downward movement is strong and vice versa in a bear trend. It also will generate a purple bar if the candle successfully closes above or below the Top & Bottom Range Bands; We call this a range break, and it could be an early sign of strong upward or downward movement.
  • Off: In case you like to keep things even simpler, this option hides all overlay bar colors.
ATR Options: Used for Light & Strong Entries/Exits // Bar Colors also based on these settings
  • ATR Smoothed Signal Option: Turns advance smoothing on or off. On will reduce signal noise, while Off could land you that perfect bottom signal with a lower success rate.
  • ATR Candlestick Length: Default factor for bar color and shape generation, the higher the number the fewer signals that will generate.
  • ATR Candlestick Smoothing: Default smoothing for the Candlestick Length
    Signal Lookback: Adjust the factor at which Bull, Bear, Up, and Down. Lower this to 2 for more signals.

// ⇅ BackTest Settings ⇅ //

Short Trading: Option to see backtest results for both long and short positions. Default is Long Only.
Strategy Entry Options:
  • Trend Only: Positions are entered right as there is a cloud trend change.
  • Light Entry: This enters a trade as soon as there is a breakout or breakdown signal generated from the ATR settings.
  • Strong Entry: Multiple conditions must be met; Price action must be near the Trend Base and must receive either a bullish or bearish crossover in the oversold or overbought range of the ATR Settings.
Strategy Exit Options:
  • Trend Only: Exits all positions after there is a primary trend change.
  • Light Exit: Exits a user set percentage of open positions when the ATR generates a breakdown or breakout. Will continue to do this at each occurrence. Presets are built in to keep these from triggering too often in volatile conditions.
  • Strong Exit: Exits a user set percentage of open positions when the ATR generates a bullish or bearish crossover in the overbought or oversold ranges. Will continue to do this with each occurrence. Presets are built in to keep these from triggering too often in volatile conditions.
  • Profit Points: Exits a set percentage of the position up to 3 times at a user set percentage gap from the entry. Any remaining amount in the position exits upon a trend change.
Profit QTY Percent: Percent of the position to exit when an exit condition triggers. This does not apply to the “Trend Only” exit option.
Profit Percent Gap: Percent gap for Profit Point Exits. Recommend adjusting based on timeframe. See example below.
Release Notes:
Major Updates:
  • Auto S/R Thickness - by default Rosebud now auto determines the cloud thickness of the primary trend band. Users can still adjust this to the 0.5, 0.382, or 0.236 if needed.
  • Auto Profit Levels - an additional strategy option for entry exits. This method measures 1/2 the distance of the cloud to determine what % to gap the 3 exit orders.
  • If "Manual Profit Points" or "Auto Profit Points" option is selected, the current exit levels will be displayed to the right of the the most recent candle.
  • Backtest Timeframe - Users can now select a window they would like the backtest to run by day/month/year

Also made a slight modifications to how the trend base is calculated. Could be some variance between the indicator/strategy until they are both updated.

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