T.T.T ~ LTC/USD Strategy ~ +50% profitable trades!

T.T.T "Trade with The Trend" LTC/USD Strategy

+50% profitable strategy with a little over $500 in profits during backtest trading 1 LTC at a time from early 2017 when LTC was under $3!

I created this strategy specifically for Litecoin/USD with the following idea:

To go LONG or SHORT when there is a strong trend in place in order to realize maximum profits

Steps taken to achieve such results were:

1) Go Long when the 13 EMA crosses above the 55 EMA and Go Short when the 55 EMA crosses below the 13 EMA

Problem with EMACROSS is that they work great with a strong trend but not so good when the trend is sideways


We add a condition using the RSI indicator as follows:

a) Go Long when the 13EMA crosses above the 55EMA AND when the RSI crosses above XXX
b) Go Short when the 13EMA crosses below the 55EMA AND when the RSI crosses below XXX

By using the RSI in the above manner we are able to filter out a lot of the choppy price action

We then added a second condition to go long or short ONLY when the ADX is above XXX

As you know the ADX measures the strength of the trend.
A reading above 20 indicates a trend is in place.

To exit a trade, just like the entering, I used a combination of EMA crossings and RSI with different values

Please Note: The parameters in this strategy are suitable for any instrument and any timeframe. However, they do need to be adjusted per instrument and per timeframe. In this case, it is intended to be used for LTC/USD on 1H frame.

I will keep the strategy open (free of charge) for 30 days. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment/review if possible. Those who leave a review will be able to keep the strategy free of charge!

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