Binance MAs Forecast

Binance MAs Forecast

From an idea of Bull Of Bitcoin

Coding performed by GM_Hedge_Fund

The study is focused on the forecast of the 7, 25 and 99 MAs.
The MA simulate the ones present on Binance Exchange.

The script:
  • Plots 7 (grey), 25 (blue) and 99 (purple) MA on the chart in overlay
  • Plots the possible continuation of the 7 (grey), 25 (blue) and 99 (purple) MA on the chart in overlay for 6 further candles after the current one

The script is meant to be used in the following timeframes:

  • 1H = for day-trading, gives 6H forecast
  • 4H = for swing-trading in short periods of time, gives 24H forecast
  • 1D = for weekly forecast and trend analysis, gives 6D forecast


The tool is a Forecast which means is NOT the reality and it can be wrong.
The algorithm is dynamic: it changes the plot of the forecast at every candle. Monitor your position even after a clear signal by the indicator.


I strongly recommend to use proper stops and take profits orders.

The script is meant to be displayed on a naked chart (no other indicators) with light background to facilitate the reading.

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His precious idea lead to the creation of this indicator.

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Release Notes: Update: March 28th 2019

As requested from the community, I implemented the current script with some new features:
  • 7MA forecast has now 8 dots (instead of 6)
  • 99MA forecast has now 12 dots (instead of 6)
  • alarms on MAs crosses can now be set from the alarm button
  • alarms on the MAs Forecasts with different options for long/short ordered by #candles
  • fixes: third dot on the 99MA was computed wrongly

Suggestions on the alarms
I suggest to use alarms on the forecasts with discretion. The forecasts (especially the 7MA) can change quite rapidly. Monitor your positions constantly.

I added dots on the 99MA because is the most stable Moving Average of the three that the script uses.
The 25 is in the middle in terms of volatility so it has 8 dots.

Keep in mind that the nearest is the point to the actual candle the more accurate is the prediction. I suggest no more than 3 dots away from the candle to have a reliable prediction.

Thank you for all the support.
Release Notes: Wrong display of chart.

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