This is an advanced form of MUPS pivot intraday trading system.

Use this indicator with the following indicators :

1) IndianPivotBossPivotShift.
2) IndianPivotBossPivotRSI
3) PBOscillator
4) IndianPivotBossADMIN

When all the four indicators are sloping upwards, the long setup is triggered.
The indicators bars turns blue when each of them begins to slope upwards.
For a convincing indication, look for 3 consecutive blue bars in all of them for a long setup.
Once the setup is confirmed, all you have to do is to plan your entry.
Ensure there is no overhead resistance in the form of any pivot levels or any other key levels when you go long after the setup.

Reverse logic for short.
Release Notes: 1) Now Pema is part of this. You need not have to use a seperate pema indicator.

2) Some fine tuning done . Now it performs well in shorter time frame (5 min) also apart from 10 min and 15 min.
Release Notes: A small change in the trade execution point for additional confirmation for an effective trade.

It is found to perform fairly well in all intraday time frames 1min / 2min / 3min / 5min / 8min / 10min / 15 min.

Not a holy grail. Have a proper money management.

Good Luck.
Release Notes: STMH and STML price action added.
Price action activated in Strategy too.
Fine tuned entry with price action for signals with better conviction.
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Trading is my passion.


appreciate your work sir
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