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This is a free trading assistant that combines 4 types of trading signals and useful tools.

Four types of trading signals:
1. Trending signals. KAMA and Awesome oscillator(5,34) and (3,25) are used to confirm trend.

2. Knifes. This is a SOT detector with volume and spread filtering. The algorythm takes into account the volatility.

3. Predict. The distance from VWAP and BB stdev 2 and 3 is used. Signals usually appear when RSI/MACD/AO divergence is detected.

4. High risk signals. These are SOT and high volume signals without hard filtering.

All signals use distance from SMMA and volatility.

Filters use LL and HH events.

Each signals has entry zone, recommended stop-loss and a number of take-profits.

Recommended entry points and usually located in the body of higher timeframe candles.

Recommended stop-loss zones are using ATR(10) with multiplier that depends on the timeframe.

Take-profit points and arranged within daily and week levels using pivots and VWAP.

The useful tools are:
- Autofibo
- Ichimoku clouds

Your trading is fully your responsibility.
Sell and Buy markers are not a financial advice.
Do not take too much risk.

Almost all signals are NOT repainted. There some rare trend signals that can be repainted.
Significantly decreased the number of "repainted" trend signals generated by KAMA. You can check that trend signals in realtime are now very close to those in the backtests.
Weather station added!
Use 2x, 4x, 6x Ichimoku clouds (offset validated)
Weather station ichimoku periods corrected: 3x,4x, 6x,12x
SMMA(close, 21) added with projection to the next 50 bars
SMMA21 minor bug fixed
Risk correction and current volatility based upon sma(h-l/c,4) added into the tools section.
Piv Diff.
Added average difference between 5 last pivots. Pivot is checked by 8 bars left and right.
Minor update
New signal type added.
"Pivot signals" appear in potential reversal areas. Filtered by senior frame volatility. Considered not to be repainted.
Table with risk and volatility data is adapted for dark theme.
Updated to Pine 5
Signals updated (better filtering of KAMA and Hull signals).
Signal names updated.

Access updated.
This is a limited version of the script, some functionality, such as real-time markers and useful tools are available in invite-only version. Please see details on getting access in my signature below.

To get access to Super Predict Premium use this Telegram bot:

My telegram channel (in Russian):

Wallet for commercial requests: 0xc563180B6C1706814746a073d50B351B8a6feB8b
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