Adds Support / Resistance and Daily Weekly and Monthly Levels to your Chart
Release Notes: Added Price Labels - Please note that Labels may overlap in places, this may signify a stronger level ...
Release Notes: Turned Labels OFF by default, can be turned on in the menu
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Again fantastic!! Thanks for all your work!!
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Lij_MC Janportfolio
@Janportfolio, Thank you my Friend :)
This is great! Wanna clarify that this is good for intraday trading like the 1H chart, right? Also, can this be applied to scalping the 5mins-15mins?
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Lij_MC JBhebZ
@JBhebZ, Cheers thank you, Yes Indeed it can be used on any timeframe and works great for intraday scalping
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Lij_MC Lij_MC
@Lij_MC, Also make sure to backtest any strategy that you use in relation to this
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Good work
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Thank you for the source code!!! (I'm Ives on dc)
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hi is it possible to change the time zone for daily closures?? thanks
Its good to combine this with the extensions