BEST Pivots Cloud

Hello traders,

This script is an adaption of an FXCM indicator called Pivots Cloud

Takes in input two timeframes, build the pivots based on them and fill the space between those pivots

Should be non-repainting

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bro can u add vpoc
+1 Svara
Daveatt maverick2369
@maverick2369, what do you mean vpoc?
Vpoc is for volume-based indicator no?
How should I add VPOC for a candlesticks-based pivots indicator?
thanks it's useful to follow trend
+1 Svara
Daveatt gandolfi
@gandolfi, +1
+1 Svara
simple but interesting, nice! thanks for the continuous food for thoughts
+1 Svara
Very interesting (yet again). Nice work. Many thanks for sharing. Cheers
+1 Svara