Donchain Breakout

It is a long only strategy.

1. Buy when price breaks out of the upper band.
2. Exit has two options. Option 1 allows you to exit using lower band. Option 2 allows you to exit using basis line.
3. Slippage and commissions are not considered in the return calculation.
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repaint ????
+2 Svara
Senthaamizh Furiousfury
@Furiousfury, can you please mention why do you think so. If it's really repainting it then I would be happy to rectify it.
What is the best timeframe for this indicator?
is it possible to have a long and short strategy together?
Senthaamizh draco072
@draco072, Yes, it is possible. I have not created it as long only strategy works consistently in the larger timeframe.
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