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Dear Followers,

today I'm glad to present you an indicator which is a mix of three indicators of mine: Trend Is Your Friend Series!
As you may easily understand from the name, this indicator incorporates all 3 Trend is You Friend indicators I made in past.
This way you can control all of them just with one indicator.

Of course this comes with some useful integration features:
  • a bull green triangle appears when all trends are bullish (you can set an alert for this)
  • a bear purple triangle appears when all trends are bearish (you can set an alert for this)
  • bar coloring reflects the bullish / bearish integration too
  • you have an option to enable/disable all trends buy/sell signals
  • you have an option to hide trend clouds borders (chart will be way cleaner this way)
  • you can still customize each trend indicator settings and set alerts on each trend individually
  • you can enable/disable heikin ashi analysis

As per Trend is Your Friend V1/V2/V3, this indicator is for higher timeframe trading, from 4h and above is suggested.
This indicator is pretty good for both Swing and Scalping, you can run it over a bot or use it on Renko chart!
If you are a scalper, you will love suggested entries for fast profit. You can run it on 1h timeframe in this case (below is not suggested, there is "no-trend" below 1h!). If you are used to scalp trading, be sure to close each trade whenever you feel happy (a proper trailing stop strategy is suggested for example).

As I always say, all tools are great if you use them correctly: this is not the "Holy Grail", so always use proper money and risk management strategies.

For your reference, here you can see original basic indicators that were integrated here:

V1 backtesting strategy

V2 backtesting strategy

V3 backtesting strategy

This is a premium indicator, so send me a private message in order to get access to this script.
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