Derivative Pivot HL Points

This script aims to take into account mutable variable Pivot Points' periods.

While doing this, it takes the period between 2 signals that I use in the script:

And these periods in my Pivot HL function integrated into len length (Mutable variables) :

The cornerstone of the script is these facts.
Pivot can be optimized by playing with reversal periods.

These pre-formed levels can be used as Supply and Demand levels.

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Hi i have one question, the price displayed comes when ? At Closing the Candle or something else.
Its a good Signal
+4 Svara
Noldo kalanouriaujwal
@kalanouriaujwal, after the end of pivot right length ended ))
+1 Svara
Hi Noldo, It's is a interesting and seem so useful indicator; appreciated your posting and above the information <3
+2 Svara
@ICEKI, Thank you so much !
how to alert this indicator
Hello, great indicator! Can you please explain what the 4 and the 2 mean? I changed it to 40 and 2 and it worked better for the charts I was looking at but I have no idea why
Why 4 and 2 periods?
Noldo OutsourcE
Based on the standard periods of the Pivot Reversal Strategy.
@Noldo, thx