High Performance Candlestick Patterns

//Candle Patterns Ranked by Performance THOMAS N. BULKOWSKI
//1. Bearish Three Line Strike +Up 67.38%
//2. Bullish Three Line Strike -Down 65.23%
//3. Bearish Three Black Crows -Down 59.83%
//4. Bearish Evening Star -Down 55.85%
//5. Bullish Upside Tasuki Gap +Up 54.44%
//6. Bullish Inverted Hammer -Down 51.73%
//7. Bullish Matching Low -Down 50.00%
//8. Bullish Abandone Baby +Up 49.73%
//9. Bearish Two Black Gapping -Down 49.64%
//10. Brearish Breakaway -Down 49.24%
//11. Bullish Morning Star +Up 49.05%
//12. Bullish Piercing Line +Up 48.37%
//13. Bullish Stick Sandwich +Up 48.20%
//14. Bearish Thrusting Line During Dowtrend +Up 48.10%
//15. Bearish Meeting Line +Up 48.07%

//Down=Yellow Bar Color and Black Text
//Up=Blue Bar Color and Blue Text

//High Performance Candlestick Patterns Top 15
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