Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves for intraday users

I wish to thank @Quantadelic who created this great indicator and leaving it open for others to improve.
I have made changes to make it user-friendly for the intraday traders.
The changes made have been;

1. Compartmentalized each area of the major Fibonacci level;
2. Added minor Fibonacci levels;
3. Color-coded the support and resistance levels, for better viewing;
4. Zoned each area of the major Fibonacci level; and
5. Created a time-frame display period for quicker loading of the indicator.

I have removed a few things to allow the indicator to run quicker;
1. Future projections; and
2. The major higher levels of the Fibonacci, which may be useful when Bitcoin reaches 100k.

Open-source script

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This seems to be pretty nice. Do the Alerts work? I tried to set one and got a message that the script repaints.

Hi, nice!!

What should we change to make it working with other assets?
aaahopper GeoffroyMaillet
@GeoffroyMaillet, Thank you.
According to the original designer @quantadelic to use for other assets you will have to Increase or decreasing HighIntercept & LowIntercept. This will shift the top and bottom curves up or down. This means that the segmentation that I have done could be operated independently, for intraday users. While the HighSlope & LowSlope are the angles of the curves (rate of growth).
I hope it is useful. I find it helpful by reducing all other indicators that this could replace. eg, hi/lo, fib, etc