Quadruple Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average

Four Kaufman Adaptive Moving Averages in one script. Useful for identifying trends and setting points to add to positions / exit trades. KAMA's are great for keeping you in trending markets and avoiding sideways chops and ranges. Try them out by tweaking the fast/slow ma's and lengths to get the right set for your charts that removes the thinking about whether to be long or short and when to add to positions.

A suggested trading strategy is to tweak the ma's (often you'll want larger values) until they span the price action well on past trends. Then each time price action closes and crosses one of your KAMA lines is an opportunity to add to your position. Once all lines are cleared and you've loaded up your position, hopefully your average price of entry falls short of the highest KAMA line's value. Once this happens you don't need to get out the trade until such time as a price close crosses again that largest KAMA line. For eager profit takers, close positions once any KAMA line is crossed once you're successfully loaded up on a direction.

I use this script with a renko chart and values -> 26 length 6 fast ma 100 slow ma, 26 8 100, 26 10 100, 26 12 100 and it's good to see these moving averages, unlike regular moving averages, bend around choppy action that come when trends pause, keeping me successfully in winning trades. Give it a try.
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Looks great! I have a bunch of ideas coming up now thanks.
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