MG - Multiple time frame pivot alert - 1.0

Indicator currently allows pivots from two time frames (ideally a trading time frame and a higher time frame) to be specified.

In the example, the 1H time frame is being used for entries using the 4H time frame (8 candles pivot width = 2 4H candles) as the trading time frame and the daily chart (48 candles pivot width = 2 daily candles) as the higher time frame.

This allows one to visually higher time frame Fibonacci swings and allows them to accurately perform Fibonacci analysis without having to switch to a higher time frame
Release Notes: Added entry time frame (can be stopped in display settings)

The main reason is you may want to trading the 1H chart with the 4H chart as your higher time frame but still want to see the daily chart pivots
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exactly repaints like crazy...use replay function to see urself.....otherwise would be too good to be true
this repaints like crazyyy
Hello, I really like the script and like to use it to scalp BTC on 1 Min TF using only Higher Time Frame Pivot, but I get alert on the pivot from other TF still... Any idea on how to get only the good alert? trying to make it run on a bot, but need only the HTF to trigger not the other one...
Hello there good job on this but I wanted to ask is this repaint ? Cause u try get alert on big timeframe and when it triggers it's not on the chart . Any clue why it doesn't work properly ?
This script is very well done. Thanks for sharing.
hi , Will it be redrawn?
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