Keltner | Bollinger | Squeeze

Percent B (%B), it's derivation Percent K (%K) and squeeze indicator combined in one.

blue line = bollinger %
orange line = keltner %
red background = squeeze*

squeeze = bollinger bands are inside (encapsulated by) keltner channel
Release Notes: Fixed squeeze calculation.
Release Notes: Added scaled RSI indicator - let's call it rsi_2 - which is calculated in following way:

> rsi_2 = (rsi / 100) - 0.5

RSI is now plotted as histogram, where
  • green color = overbought / oversold market
  • red color = normal

* This indicator was created primarly for my own purposes, all comments and suggestions are welcome.
Release Notes: Added smoothing parameter to %B and %K.

Note: Indicator works best with 30min+ time-frames.
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Hello ge-on. Can i ask you some questions How to get an alert from tradingview when the RSI indicator is overbought / oversold (turns green)?
ge-on I2TOinvestments
@I2TOinvestments, Hi. Well, I didn’t add alerts since there’s separate feature in advanced chart tool (the bell icon in the right panel). Hope you’ll find it.
Possible signals when going long:
- long on crossover 0 ob both
- close on crossunder 1 on both

Possible signals when going short:
- short on crossunder 0 on both
- close on crossover 1 on both