Monthly & Weekly Levels

Shows and labels the previous monthly and weekly highs and lows, which are generally great areas to trade off. Loads quick and there's an option to hide the labels if they don't float your boat
Release Notes: Fixed screenshot
Release Notes: Fixed colours, label display and added an offset option
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Thank you for your work scarf =D
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Great script! Appreciate it!
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Hi, this is a great tool to quickly know previous levels. Is it possible to shorten the horizontal line so that previous period high/low is only shown over current period? thanks.
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Harr harr bless you from the low moon to the high moon sire!
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Thank you for the script.
Hey, Thanks for the script.
just want to ask, how do i add quarterly and yearly levels if i want to add in the script for the same ?
thanks very much for this, been doing this manually
thanks for this idea, i'm gonna alter it slightly and use hline command instead (hopefully) so i can add it to my all in one indicator, im working in pine 4 and outputs are limited to 64 so i need to use the plot'esque functions a bit sparingly. you have interesting ideas, glad to have found your work :)
thx man just what i was looking 4