[STRATEGY][UL]QQE Cross v1.1

Updated by request: this is a "Strategy" trading version of the "QQE Cross Indicator Alert v2.0 by JustUncleL" (which is mainly for Binary Options trading), the same BUY/SELL signals are used to generate trade entry and exit conditions. Thanks again to JayRogers for making the Strategy risk management easier to understand and implement.

In this update I have added "Take Profit" option and cleaned up the risk management code. Also changed the close BUY/SELL order if EMA20 direction changes rather the next BUY/SELL opposite signal, making the close earlier.

BE ADVISED TO USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, even though back testing has shown good results, I don't have any Forex trading account to forward test against. You need to perform these test yourself and get back to me if there is any issues.
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In true TradingView spirit, the author of this script has published it open-source, so traders can understand and verify it. Cheers to the author! You may use it for free, but reuse of this code in a publication is governed by House Rules. You can favorite it to use it on a chart.

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JustUncleL This script is incredibly time consuming yet SAFE!!!! The entire day of a complete 8 hours of trading i have only traded 7 times.. The results were incredible 6ITM!!! Using all 5 to 10 min trade.
With this i have complete confidence and now i can open more currency pairs to see what this puppy can really do =P. if i can manage to run at least 5.. and get 35 trades with with at least 30 itm.. I can at least make a profit of 504$!!!
+1 Svara
JustUncleL redchevy007
@redchevy007, Great to hear, just trade with this strategy version carefully. I personally prefer to use the Indicator Alert version of QQE for Forex Trading and Binary Options.
emmanueldesk redchevy007
@redchevy007, do you still use this script for binary options?
JustUncleL emmanueldesk
@emmanueldesk, I do not use this script for trading, I use the Alert script version:

JustUncleL, is it only myself who sees this strategy is brilliant in 2021? Are you still out there? How can I turn it into a study? I'm not a programmer geek , but I see so much potential in this strategy. Thank you!!!
JustUncleL fxinvestm
@fxinvestm, This script is a backtesting "Strategy" version of the Study script "QQE Cross Indicator Alert v2.0. I also made a newer version using the QQE in 2018 the "BackTest.QQE Cross v6.0 by JustUncleL" and the study "Alerts.QQE Cross v6.0 by JustUncleL" that you might like to try.
fxinvestm JustUncleL
@JustUncleL, Sorry for my late reply, I’ve tried couple of your strategies and here are my results:
*** ETHBTC pair on Binance / 15min / £6000 investment / Order size 100% used / 0.075% fees
I have done few tweeks and I came out with following results:
*** Price Divergence Strategy V1 / Net Profits +£6270.67 (+104.51%) / Total Closed Trades 504 / Percent Profitable 91.47% / Max Drawdown -£508 (-5.72%) / First Trade 2020/12/02 04:45
*** QQE Cross v1.1 / Net Profits +£8502.82 (+141.71%) / Total Closed Trades 997 / Percent Profitable 77.63% / Max Drawdown -£1680.90 (-10.61%) / First Trade 2020/12/01 12:45
With the one suggested (below) I couldn’t get it work well at all.
*** BackTest.QQE Cross v6.0 by JustUncleL / Net Profits -£489.25 (-8.15%) / Total Closed Trades 247 / Percent Profitable 35.22% / Max Drawdown -£1377.42 (-20.24%) / First Trade 2020/12/01 12:45 / First Trade 2020/12/02 09:00
Obviously, the Price Divergence Strategy V1 is stunning, cautious and bold at the same time, with 91.47% Profitable but I can’t get it work to send webhooks alerts to my 3commas account…
If you could point me in the right directions I'll test it and let you know any future results. I appreciate your time, thank you...
can this be used for stock?
JustUncleL tradetsx
@tradetsx, All my indicators should work in any market, however, I have never traded any in the stock market.

are entry points depended on risk managment? If I change Trailing Stop Loss to "0" but Stop Loss from "0" to some value then some entry points disappear.
And today I saw as a close point of a trade was repainted - trade with lost was changed to a trade with profit.
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