JaZYoN_bot_4X - Strategy [100% equity]

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well.

This is my 100% equity version -
What does it means :
100% equity backtesting is real running bot on live account .

This profit is especially very understated
Due to the variable position size, it is difficult to quantify the average position size
after updating to the bear / swing market, most positions are at 1x = 100%, so I gave the average position size 120% or 1.2x the average leverage throughout the backtesting

I have prepared a very solid BINANCE:BTCUSDTPERP bot on the binance exchange, these settings work best for the bot's results. The bot has an incredibly large number of positions while maintaining a very high% profitable ratio

this bot is basically the best bot I've ever created, surely the most profitable in the backtesting period (around 3 years)

the entire operating infrastructure is quite complicated, however, the conditions for opening a Long or Short position are quite simple

There is 3 ways to open position

1) Support and Resistance levels - the idea behind this bot was to use support or resistance breakout
The core of this strategy is the support and resistance levels through the use of automatic detectors of these levels
in the bullish case, when the resistance is broken, the candle turns green
when bearish breakout appears, the candle turns maroon

for surprise so as not to over-complicate or cause overfitting
this indicator only works in combination with high volume

2) Bollinger Bands - uses these bands to make the most of every major price move
to keep bad decisions to a minimum, bollinger bands are dependent on indicators such as :

a) ADX
c) Range Filter
d) Volume

3) the last very precise entry condition is the combination of a fairly large number of pointers to determine the movement, whether it is bullish or bearish
This is combinations of indicators like:

a) ADX - Is one of the most powerful and accurate trend indicators. ADX measures how strong a trend is, and can give valuable information on whether there is a potential trading opportunity.
b) CLOUD - This is one of the newset indicators I'm using. This indicator helps strategy , this indicator is designed to indicate the correct market trend. By applying the great length of this indicator, I am able to notice a change in the trend a little later, but more accurately.
c) PARABOLIC SAR - The parabolic SAR is a technical indicator used to determine the price direction of an asset, as well as draw attention to when the price direction is changing. SAR supporting bot, to not open new trades when the trends are slowly changing
d) MACD - Moving average convergence divergence ( MACD ) is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price. The MACD is calculated by subtracting the 26-period exponential moving average ( EMA ) from the 12-period EMA .
e) RANGE FILTER - this indicator is for the better view of trends, define trends, that is important for every bull/bear traps which helps a lot becouse of the very variable trends.
f) RSI - value helps strategy to stop trade in right time. When RSI is overbought strategy don't open new longs , also when RSI is oversold strategy don't open new shorts
g) Volume - is the most important indicator for the strategy, to avoid open trades on flat chart, new trades are open after a strong volume bars.

In order for this script to be both profitable in the future, I had to focus on not too much complexity of the conditions for opening the position

hope you will enjoy it ;)

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