Framework BB + TD9

Hi guys.

I did this indicator to find your context (Range, trend, etc.) and be able to have a signal included. I am not going to explain what is TD9 , I think you are able to do it yourself there is a mass of information out there. I recommend you to use this indicator with a momentum one (I am personnaly using moneyflow to see my divergence and my overbought/oversell).

This algorithm is giving you 2 borders, the buyer one and the seller one. These borders represents 74,6% to 100% of the bollinger bands . Then, you have the trend channel, that is giving you the context on the time unit 4 times lower that you actually are.(If you are in 1h, the trend channel will be the 15 minutes one.)

This is actually my strategy.

Hope you will enjoy this indicator guys and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

See you soon.
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Hello sir, If you know how to work with fibonacci retracement script and if you have some time then please let me know.... I need some help with my script idea.
My mail id is
Thanks in advance.....
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@neillswap, Hey, I think there is some public script on that. Feel free to notice me if you find something interesting!
neillswap AstrolabeTrading
@AstrolabeTrading, Ok sir...Thanks
Do you know why this doesnt work with version4?
Hello, what is the 'rule' for the Entry and Exit decision (the blue and red marks)? Is it related to the MFI? Thanks for the clarification!
@stevyb49, Hi, you have 3 things to check before getting into a trade. First, you have to check if the price is on a border (buyer or seller). Then, you have to check if you have a price signal (triangle). And then, you have to check your moneyflow if you are oversold or overbuy depending on the context. Hope it helped you ! :)
Hi, what is the exact name of td9 indicator on tradingview ?
@clemher, I am not sure I understand you question sir.
neckername clemher
@clemher, there are multiple, made by the community
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