This is a Ultimate Tool for Trading. This tool includes
1. MA = In that you will find EMA & SMA
2. MA Length = It's Length of MA
3. Explosive Leg-out Strength = It's Explosive Candles Strength
4. RBR Pattern = Up to 6 Bases and you can minimize Base Qty.
5. DBD Pattern, DBR Pattern & RBD Pattern as we mentioned above
6. Curve Time Frame = Choose this thing so, tool can know what is your curve accordingly this it will judge your ITF & LTF
7. High of the Curve & Low of the Curve = Please enter manually the no.'s of your Upper curve & lower curve. and when changing chart don't forget make it "0"
8. Trend @ ITF = Choose your Trend. (Please choose your Trend from your ITF Time frame, to get better results)
9. Intraday Risk in % & Swing Risk in % = Calculates as per DATR
10. 1st Symbol & 2nd Symbol = To have other stocks price in your chart.
11. Tick for White Label & Un-tick for Black Label
12. Explosive Candle & Basing Candle = Tick to view Explosive & Boring candle in zone formations & Untick hide the indication
13. And finally you can change Labels Size as per your requirement,
Release Notes: More Simplification in Menu by merging Explosive & Boring Candle Tabs, Specified Moving Averages for Accuracy and Small changes in Label.
Release Notes: Some Minor Updates done.
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Kindly grant access to this tool if possibel
+1 Svara
mohsinsait3 krishnabte

Thank you for comment, You can access this indicator for 2000 RS + GST Per month, You would also need pro account on Trading view.
Watch Youtube video to know how to use this Indicator,
Is it possible to test this indicator?
mohsinsait3 afortune100
@afortune100, Thank you for comment, You can access this indicator for 2000 RS + GST Per month. This is specifically designed for Indian market

Let me know if you need it for any other markets, Happy trading
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