Hashem RSI+EMA+Control Zones (V2)

RSI with it's EMA and Control Zones.
Neutral Zone Included.
Release Notes: Bug Fix.
Release Notes: Added MA Line.
You can now select EMA or MA or Both to be shown on the RSI.
Release Notes: Added 2 Bear and Bull Lines.
Updated the colors and widths.
Release Notes: Bug Fixes.
Release Notes: Changed MA Length default value from 10 to 30.
For understanding RSI slower trends.
Release Notes: Bug Fixes.
Release Notes: Styling Edits and Touches.
Release Notes: Style Update. Code Tweak.
Release Notes: Added Second RSI. Code Tweaks.
Release Notes: Code Update.
Added Fibo Levels.
Release Notes: Styling Code Updated.
Release Notes: Updated to v5 Pinescript.

Without Risk and Position Management, You WILL Lose Money.
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