Volatility indicator based on ATR


I'm sharing to you a volatility indicator I've done in the last few weeks based on ATR. There is multiple functionalities on this indicator, the first one is an overlay displaying when an asset is in an "overvolatily zone"
(displayed with red cross) and when we are in an "undervolatily zone" (displayed with green cross). You can change the sensibility of the signals in the parameters if you wish to have more or less greedy signals
(it will only modify the overvolatility signals). By the way those signals are not working for week-ends because volatility works differently on week-ends and it's not a good idea to count week-ends in the calculations, so do not worry if you see no signals on weekends.

Second part of the indicator is something I called "Atr bands" it's an equivalent to the famous Bollinger-Bands but based on ATR. I haven't backtested them yet but they seems really interesting in low ut
(15 mins seems to be the best ut for those) and they seems pretty bad in high ut so they can maybe be useful for low ut scalping.

Last thing, there is a parameter allowing you to display bands on the week-ends so you can easily see where the indicator won't give signals.

I would be really happy if I could have some feedsback if you try the indicator :)

Have a wonderful day
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