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One thought that I have wanted to implement for long time now, is to transfer quarterly and annual earnings directly into the graph. Maybe this will be useful now when earnings season is on its way. Now it is possible to combine both technical but also fundamental analysis at the same time without leaving your charts. This is nothing fancy , but could be useful.

Do not blindly trust that all the numbers are correct, as I am human and make mistakes. If errors are detected, let me know so I can correct it.
Release Notes: Some aesthetic changes have been made.
Release Notes: I discovered that the decimals ended up wrong in some areas. The code has now been changed and all figures should be correct.
Release Notes: Changed the layout.
Release Notes: Update: short term debt, total debt and total equity.
Release Notes: Updated cash equivalents.
Release Notes: Added stock target share price.
Release Notes: Deleted stock target share price.
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