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Position Calculator

This is how the position calculator works:

To use “Position Calculator” it is required that you know how much capital you want to risk (R). In other words, your R is the total amount you are willing to risk. You also need to know at what price you intend to buy the shares and where you had intended to put your stop loss.
Once you have filled in this information, you will find out how many shares you are allowed to buy and how much you have to invest.

A more detailed explanation can be found below.

Risk Capital (R) = This is the amount you are willing to risk. And by risk, I mean the total amount you are willing to lose completely. If you do not know your (R), you can calculate it in the Risk Calculator here

Buy Level = The price level where you intend to invest.

Stop Loss Level = The price at which you want to put your stop loss level on.

Difference between purchase price and stop loss level = Shows the percentage difference between your buy level and your stop loss level.

Number of shares to buy = Shows how many shares you should buy, considering the risk you have chosen.

Invested Capital = Shows how much you are allowed to invest.
Release Notes: Updated minval and step choices.
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