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This script plots a 6 algos from the Coles/Hawkins "Midas Technical Analysis" book:

Top finder / Bottom Finder (Levine Algo by Bob English)* - onlinelibrary.wiley....81118531877.app3/pdf
MIDAS VWAP average and deltas
VWAP (Gen-1) using a date or a bar n number can be initiated at bar 0 - useful for a new IPO
Standard Deviation of MIDAS VWAP
MIDAS Displacement Channels (Coles) - edmond.mires.co/GES816/03-
* for better results with topfinder and bottomfinder use the companion TB-F Matcher script.

See wiki for a synopsis: en.wikipedia.org/wik...S_Technical_Analysis
Relevant info can be found in: Midas Technical Analysis: A VWAP Approach to Trading and Investing in Today’s Markets by
Andrew Coles, David G. Hawkins Copyright © 2011 by Andrew Coles and David G. Hawkins.
Appendix C: TradeStation Code for the MIDAS Topfinder/Bottomfinder Curves ported to Tradingview

This script requires a working understanding of "Midas Technical Analysis" Google "Midas Technical Analysis" and a variety of information will appear.

To find fit the curve as described in the Midas book a companion script is required that will after a few manual iterative inputs guide you to the appropriate D value for the for input into this program ( see the TB-F Matcher script). You might also try the Midas average and Deltas as described in the book. I have added the 2nd, 3rd and 4th multiples of Delta.
The advantage is that there is no curve fitting. You still need to select a starting point for Midas or the topfinder bottomfinder (TB_F)
or the VWAP.

See the notes in the script below

Cheers Jayy
This is a minor update to the original script. I found two script/code typos: Line 156 as described by line 112, ie the anchor point for the VWAP in "Part 3" of the dialogue box. Also, line 215 which calculates the lower displacement curve of VWAP.
Forgot to plot a few curves after the update. Here is the Anchored VWAP from the top, middle and bottom of a gap bar and the Top-Bottom finder plotted from the breakaway point
Fixed a script issue pointed out in the comments by sal157011.

The pivot matcher script is here:
sal157011 has found a few more errors in the script: On lines 312, 313, 314, 315 almost at the end of the lines appears four 8's which should be 68, 78, 88 and 98. This is now fixed.
Here is the screen pic with notes:
This script stopped working today as a result of a minor update to Pine script. I need to renovate the script to fix other issues as well. ie better use of dates and a MIDAS channels fix. I will do a quick fix for the max bars back issue.
In the meantime, this will get things going. I also changed line 78 from plot(n+1,style=area,color=blue,transp=100) to plot(n ,style=area,color=blue,transp=100). This will move your pivot in the TB-F one line back. jayy
I have not worked on the Topfinder Bottomfinder script and the matcher script in a while. They both need work. Most of the trouble is the non-intuitive interface.
I am not sure when I will find the time. This is a bit of improvement to Displacement channels and VWAP. I have not disabled these functions in the Topfinder Bottomfinder script yet but I should. In any case, the script interaction needs to be improved.
Use this script for displacement channels:

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