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//Coded by CapnOscar on 16.04.2015 - Say Thanks?
study(title="MyTrend", shorttitle="MyTrend", overlay=true)

picktf = input(title="Pick TimeFrame", type=resolution, defval="30")

previous_close = security(tickerid, picktf,close[1])
previous_open = security(tickerid, picktf,open[1])
cur_open = security(tickerid, picktf,open)
previous_high = security(tickerid, picktf,high[1])
previous_low = security(tickerid, picktf,low[1])
cur_high = security(tickerid, picktf,high)
cur_low = security(tickerid, picktf,low)

D = (cur_high - cur_low)
Q = (previous_high - previous_low)
P = (previous_high + previous_low + previous_close) / 3
R1 = (2*P)-previous_low
S1 = (2*P)-previous_high
R2 = P+(previous_high - previous_low)
S2 = P-(previous_high - previous_low)

rsic = close > P ? green : close < P ? red : orange

pv = plot(P, color=rsic, linewidth=3)
plr1 = plot(R1, color=silver)
plr2 = plot(R2, color=gray)
pls1 = plot(S1, color=silver)
pls2 = plot(S2, color=gray)


GoodJob Captain
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