Silicone SSD

Silicone Supply Demand -SSD
Supply/Demand zone detection concept
Ver 0.1

Same candle detection (no offsets), locked and never editted after the candle is closed.
"Boxes" keep extending until same color "Box" is detected

4 sets of boxes,each can be turned on/off via input menu .

Derived from Crayon levels to act as add-on for Grayons

PS: Open input menu to enable boxes because all plots are disabled by default

Dec 04
Release Notes: Some welcoming notes will be shown on first compiling
Dec 04
Release Notes: Derived multiple experimental modes from old recognition engine
Pruning and combining of modes will happen in upcoming weeks , feedback is highly appreciated
Cycling thru modes is easily done via input menu

P.S Yellow boxes is turned off by default because of personal preference ,Box type set to defaul so open input menu for cycling thru modes
Dec 13
Release Notes: Unlocked one more option to disable/convert 4box mode to simplified Dual box mode while also increasing req for boxes
Changed Default mode from "Default" To pivotal by popularity vote
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Those who want testing access write twitter message or to discord (which id is in signature)
Tradingview cenzors the "spam" of same link sharing so we cant share documentations in tv dm anymore and its crucial for testers
Hey, I would like to try this, pretty please?
hi i would like to test it too
InSilico darktatsukage
@darktatsukage, On your way
looks interesting! could i possibly have access to testing it?
InSilico CryptoBarTalk
@CryptoBarTalk, Yes , sending documentation and feedback expectations to dm
can you allow me to use this please? Thank you
InSilico Tradeforbank
@Tradeforbank, Yes sending some documentation into your dm
hı, May i use it
I would be very appreciative if I could try this out sir? Many thanks
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