Fibonacci and Ema Trend + Pullback alerts

This indicator tells you what to do with supports and resistances based on fibonacci with signs and alarms
and Ema 200 with buy or sell fast pullback alarms

When 0.5 is bear the price will seek to break the lower supports
sell from 0.5 to bear zone and obtain profits below the supports
stop loss above resistence

When 0.5 is bull the price will seek to break the highest resistances
buy from 0.5 to bull zone and profit above the resistances
stop loss below support

you can edit the indicator to have slower or faster levels if you want

The alarms that the indicator has :
Resistence down
Resistence up
Bull zone UP
Buy 0.5 Bull
Sell 0.5 Bear
Bear zone DOWN
Bear zone UP sell to 5.0 bear
Bull zone DOWN Buy to 0.5 bull
Support zone DOWN
Support zone UP

ema 200 pullback alerts
when price is going up active the buy fast pullback alarm
stop loss below ema 200 or support
when price is going Down active the sell fast pullback alarm
stop loss above ema 200 or resistence

Release Notes: fixed pullback circles
Release Notes: change the area of ​​supports and resistances. change of colors, and the names of the signs easier to understand
Release Notes: alarms for cross up or down each level
removed ema 200 with pullback alerts. will upload a new indicator for emas
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