Today & Tomorrow's CPR

This indicator plots Central Pivot Range ( CPR ) for Today & Tomorrow (Next Trading Day).

  • Shows CPR for Today & Tomorrow
  • This indicator will handle weekend, NSE holidays and shows CPR for next trading day accordingly.
Release Notes: Update: Fixed holiday & weekend managing related bug
Release Notes: Update: Added condition to hide Today's CPR if it's a holiday or weekend
Release Notes: Fix for hiding Today's CPR if it's a holiday, weekend or when day is not yet started.
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Hi Buddy,
Can you make CPR which can show Next week's CPR in advance just the one you made on a daily basis?
I can surely pay you well for this.
+1 Svara
Looks nice and neat! Thank you. Is there a way you can add an option to enable or disable weekends for futures trading?
@Jb_2, I will check & update. Thanks
+1 Svara
Good Script Sir thanks for sharing in this script can we compare weekly and monthly pivots to check strong support and resistance?
What do the TC and BC lines stand for? Thanks for the script. I went back and checked support and resistance for NFLX and it looked very accurate.
@andy5868, Its central pivot range. central pivot in normal pivot is split using a formula that's called cpr. top (TC)and bottom(BC)
+1 Svara
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