How To Set Backtest Time Ranges

Example how to set the time range window to be backtested for both entries and exits. Additional examples are also included showing how to set the date range and toggle plot visibility.

By incorporating this code with your own strategy's logic, it will allow you to backtest various time windows.

Much gratitude to @LucF and @a.tesla2018 for help with including ':1234567' for time ranges on weekends. Thank you both!

NOTICE: This is an example script and not meant to be used as an actual strategy. By using this script or any portion thereof, you acknowledge that you have read and understood that this is for research purposes only and I am not responsible for any financial losses you may incur by using this script!
Release Notes: Cosmetic.
Open-source script

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allanster PineCoders
@PineCoders, thank you, very much appreciated!
Thanks for this, @allanster ! Exactly what I was looking for.
allanster thecgreg
@thecgreg, glad to hear you found useful and your feedback is appreciated.
Thank you, this was helpful
allanster TrustingTurtle
@TrustingTurtle, apologies for missing your comment, it is appreciated.
thanks for sharing this script
allanster blackcat1402
@blackcat1402, thanks for your comment and sorry for delayed response.
wish to work with my strategy from 10 AM to 02:30 PM only . Please guide me how to code that one
@iamakp, in script above replace logic for enterLong and exitLong with your own logic.
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