TRI-DI Sin/BDB Cummulative Signalling System

This is the signaling system for the TRI's Cumulative DI Algo. When Three time frames are all pointing in one direction and the 1hr signal fires last the algo will generate a 4 reading. At that point hunt market structure (M's and W's) to get long/short with a strict sell half the position rule at the 2:1 r/r level. Move stop to scratch on remaining and adjust stops on new market structure as it develops.
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Thanks for sharing!! :)
WOOT! thx bb and sin!
Thanks for sharing the love & knowledge Brian!
Only PM me on site for access please (and need to see Level 3 badge)
masisty CRInvestor
@CRInvestor, pls add me ;) Raf
kuljeetarun CRInvestor
@CRInvestor, Dear sir I copied you Di index from your Andrey tut video from brain beamish youtube channel: . I will keep this indicator to myself and will never share anyone and thanks for suggesting Fx ICT Scout trading channel and Gary and staford channel for WD gann. I will definetly join your couse i always wish too but I lost huge amount of money in 2018 by buying altcoin, now I am left with 1500$ only so when I will make some out of it probably in a year or two i will definately buy your course and again thanks for all you have done for plebs like me , may god bless you with long and happy life.
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