TurboVWAPs 3X

Awesome indicator that will plot on your chart up to 3 different VWAPs and optionally up to 3 standard deviations for each one.

Each VWAP can be configured to be a Rolling or Anchored VWAP and to automatically adapt its period depending on the current chart timeframe. For example, you can configure each VWAP to be a rolling 30min VWAP for timeframes below 30M, a session-anchored VWAP between 30M and 1D timeframes, a rolling monthly VWAP for a 1D timeframe and a quarterly VWAP for a weekly timeframe .

You can disable any of the three VWAPs or any of its standard deviations bands.

For session-anchored VWAPs the script will automatically set session times depending on the current futures contract (only for US and EUR futures ) if desired. You can disable this feature and manually input session start and end times.
Release Notes: Added the option to display each of the three VWAPS and optionally also each of their standard deviations as bands resulting from applying the calculations not only at the HLC/3 of each bar (or the source input selected in params) but also at the highs and the lows of bars.
This way you will not get single lines but areas, zones that once broken can give more confidence to your trades.
Release Notes: Added more periods for VWAPs and also the possibility to anchor them to dividend or split dates.
Release Notes: Fixed error calculating 2- or 3-day rolling VWAPs because the calculations were not taking into account weekends.
Also added many more options for VWAP periods.
Release Notes: Added 4D and 5D periods for rolling and/or anchored VWAPs
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