Bitfinex (BFX) - Longs and Shorts for Bitcoin

Green area = Longs
Red area = Shorts
Lighter area = Longs - Shorts

The data only started recently which is why there is not much history, also I have marked a period of missing data between the vertical lines.
Release Notes: Tweaked styling for clarity
Release Notes: another minor tweak
Release Notes: Thanks to @slylandro for this update to work with other pairs on BFX
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where are the chart annotations?
+1 Svara
pigloo bagofXMR
@bagofXMR, they were not showing for some reason so I added them in the description instead :D
+2 Svara
bagofXMR pigloo
@pigloo, thanks! great work mate :)
not working anymore
Thank you! What is LVS and what is the white plot background please?
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