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A multi-use indicator

1) Robust VWAP with up to 3 deviations that can be adjusted for Session, Week, Month, Quarter, Year, Decade, Century, Earnings , Dividend, & Split intervals
2) 20 customizable Moving Averages that can be changed to EMAs, SMAs , WMAs, SMMAs, and VWMAs; can also be adjusted to Candle Closes, Highs, Lows, Opens, HLC3, HL2 , OHLC4, & HLCC4

-Praise be lady VWAP
Just updated some of the default settings. None of the functionality was changed.
removed other indicators from chart to better showcase this indicator
removed other indicators from chart to better showcase this indicator
Just updated some of the default settings to better showcase indicator's capabilities. None of the functionality was changed.
1) modified default color settings of VWAP deviations so it doesn't distract the eye from the price action.
2) modified the default settings of the 19th MA (from 3 EMA to 3 EMA Candle High) for better 3 8 Trap Trading Entires.
3) None of the functionality was changed.
1) Added the "Trendicator": a dynamic color changing moving average to help identify up-and-down trends
2) Improved wording under "Inputs" and "Styles" tabs so that the settings are more intuitive to understand
3) Modified default settings of MA#19 and MA#20 for 3 8 Trap Trading Strategies
4) Modified default settings of MA#9 and MA#10 for Heikin Ashi 2 6 Trap Trading Strategies
5) Modified default SMA settings of MA#11, MA#12, MA#13, MA#14, MA#15, MA#16, MA#17 to dotted lines so they are easier to differentiate from EMAs on the chart
6) Modified default settings of MA#18 to WMA of the candle lows (which is a good "take profit" zone for Rounded Bottom Breakouts)
- gave "Trendicator" tool it's own "src" definition in the Pine Script Code; this can be seen in the code as "src2". This was done because the original "src" definition is used by VWAP. With this change, VWAP and Trendicator can now have independent data sources. For Example: VWAP can be set to HLC3 and Trendicator can be set to Candle Close (or any other settings the user sees fit) and be properly represented on the chart

- no changes were made that affect functionality
- updated "Trendicator" default settings to 17 EMA. This is in line with Rick Saddler's and Doug Campbell's trading strategies and teachings.
- modified default settings: reduced line width of Trendicator
made default settings of "trendicator" width slightly larger so easier to see.
1) Added "HMA" (Hull Moving Average) selection to every single moving average. Alan Hull recommends a look back period of 21 as a good basic setting.

2) Improved "settings" navigation so that it is more intuitive for users.

3) Made minor improvements in code labels so that it is more intuitive to understand (for those interested in going through the code).
uploaded screenshot that better showcases some of the features of this indicator
default settings updated to my current preferred setup:
1) 8 EMA = Trigger line (ie: "T-Line") and momentum indicator; made slightly thicker so it's more noticeable. When price above the EMA 8 then positive momentum and below EMA then negative momentum.
2) 50 SMA = popular institutional moving average; made slightly thicker. 50 SMA is necessary for rounded bottom breakouts and other swing strategies.
3) 200 WMA of the candle lows = good take profits moving average for various reversion trades. Can be used to front run golden crosses. Can be used to see shifts in longer term trends via its relation to 200 SMA.
4) 30, 60, 90, 120,150,180, 210 EMA ribbon made 50% transparent so less distracting from price action and other more important moving averages (such as T-Line and Trendicator).
New Features:
1) Added Ichimoku Cloud
2) Made settings' navigation slightly easier to understand
3) improved colors to be more aesthetically appealing
adjusted default settings to the one's I currently trade with
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