I upgraded to a paid plan but my data is delayed

Our paid plans don’t give you access to official real-time data from the exchanges unless this data is free by default (e.g. FX or Cryptocurrencies). Most of the stock exchanges that we support charge fees for the real-time data and we are unable to cover those costs even if you have a paid plan. Learn more about the supported markets & their prices.

You can purchase real-time data for any particular exchange at any given time from your User Profile page - > Account & Billing tab -> by clicking on the Add Extra Market button.

Note: US stock market data is real-time but provided by Cboe One. This data is slightly different from primary exchanges. If you would like to get real-time data directly from NASDAQ, NYSE or ARCA, you can add this data to your plan. Read more about Cboe One data vs NASDAQ/NYSE/ARCA.