How do I turn Bar Replay on?

Click the button in the top panel of your chart to open the Bar Replay toolbar.

Playback buttons are quite intuitive and work just as if you were using any other media player.

After opening the replay toolbar, the chart enters the playback start point selection mode. The red vertical line, along with the Jump To button, can be used as a tip.

Click on any historical bar to select the starting point of your playback.

Launch autoplay by clicking the Play button. You can adjust the update speed during the playback.


Load each data update manually by clicking the Forward button.


Check out the status in the top right corner of your chart if you ever become confused between the different chart modes.

You can select a different start point even if playback is already in progress. Click Jump To and select the historical bar to do that.

You can playback several charts on the same layout if needed. Click on the chart to initiate a new playback. The replay toolbar will display the state of the selected chart. Proceed in the same way as with the first chart. Chart playback works independently and the replay toolbar always shows the state of the active chart.

On top of that, you can end your playback and immediately return to the real-time data. To Real-time button lets you do that in one click.

You can close your replay toolbar by clicking [X] on the toolbar itself or by clicking the replay toolbar button in the top panel of your chart.

Other features and limitations in the playback mode:

  • Server side alerts keep getting triggered based on the real-time data.
  • New server side alerts can’t be created while in playback mode.
  • Orders are filled based on the real-time data.
  • Quotes, that are shown in the trading panel and in the watchlist, match real-time data when the chart is in playback mode.
  • Japanese chart types are not available for playback.
  • Playback mode allows you to create drawings and apply indicators. They will remain on the chart even after you exit playback mode.
  • Regression Trend and Volume Profile Fixed Range tools don’t work during the playback.
  • Indicators with security function don’t work during the playback.
  • The depth of history that is available for playback can be limited depending on the specifics of symbol data.