How to build a reputation on TradingView?

Contributors often ask what they can do to catch the community’s attention so more people would view and like their publications. For new or little-known members who don’t yet have a record of achievement at TradingView, getting exposure can be a daunting task and may seem like mission impossible. With millions of ideas published and thousands of new ones being published daily by traders from all over the world, how do you get people to notice yours?

You can build a reputation by creating value content for the community. This should be your main focus. Sounds easy, right? Maybe not so much? Don’t worry, we know the first steps are often the hardest, so here are 10 tips to put you on the right track. If you are new to publishing, they will help you start off right and get you on your way to gaining the respect of others. If you have already published ideas and would like to stand out more, these tips will help you discover what areas you can most improve in. Apply them, raise your game, and get noticed! Your user profile has complete stats on how to keep track of how you’re doing.

  1. The power of why over what. TradingView is not a place for those seeking simple calls to buy or sell. Our community is driven by a scientific approach of peer review: to share, review, critique, learn from, and build upon helpful, descriptive ideas in order to maximize profits. This is one of our core strengths. So don’t just say what the market will do, explain why by sharing how you got to your hypothesis. Use the drawing tools to visualize your analysis and provide a meaningful description. Detailing targets and stops is a definite plus because it helps others understand what you mean.
  1. Mix it up! Don’t just publish trade ideas and throw some other posts in the mix to grab people’s attention. Education is one of our strongest assets and users love insightful and educational posts. If done well, they can get hundreds of likes and thousands of views. There are many topics to choose from! Share your view on trading psychology, give advice on money management, highlight what’s in your trading plan, explain how you set targets, detail configurations of price patterns, list your 10 favorite tips, write a trading-related column, or describe a personal experience...the limits are truly endless. Be creative and captivate your audience!
  1. Presentation is everything. A catchy title certainly helps, but what draws people’s attention first and foremost is the chart. Avoid analysis paralysis and make it look professional, balanced, and clean. By keeping it simple and organized, others can grasp your market view intuitively. Well-presented ideas are included in the trending feed on our homepage, which heightens their exposure. They are sorted according to their popularity among the community and top trending charts can get thousands of views. A distinctive chart design can further help your publications to stand out.
  1. Choose quality over quantity. Avoid playing the volume game: trying to build a reputation by publishing many hastily thrown together ideas that each end up getting only a few likes. One well-thought-out idea generates more value, more engagement, and more reputation points than several half-baked ones. Our community is known for intelligent and helpful ideas, so avoid publishing charts that don’t pass the bar. Quality content keeps its value over time. You can study it months later and still learn something, which organically leads to additional followers and likes. All analysis published on TradingView stays public permanently, neither users nor staff can delete an idea once it’s been published. So why not give it your best shot? Be aware that contributors that publish more than 5 ideas daily rarely produce quality content. Something to keep in mind...
  1. Get found. The 5 most searched instruments are BTCUSD, Gold, EURUSDSPX500, Oil, and GBPUSD. The most popular time frames range from the hourly to the daily. Taking these factors into account increases the chance of your ideas being included in popular searches. For example, an analysis on the weekly for Abiomed Inc. stock will probably get noticed less than one on the hourly for Gold. Using smart tags further allows people to find your ideas while linking to similar ones helps those get discovered as well. Give yourself a leg up! Another great strategy could be publishing ideas for symbols that have few or no ideas at all. Be the first and get noticed!
  1. Embrace feedback. By replying to comments in a timely, valuable, and positive way, you naturally stimulate more comments. The public discussion of ideas is an important feature that brings a lot of value and provides a nice way to interact with those who are interested in your views. So share your knowledge and learn from others. Be respectful, even if someone argues an opposing view. A good debate with strong arguments can bring value to both sides. The TradingView community is active and engaged, posting over 600 comments daily and highly rated ideas can get hundreds of comments over time. Embracing constructive criticism can help you boost your credibility over time and positively affect your profile in the future.
  1. Update your ideas. Use the update status feature to provide quick updates on the management of published trades or to add important information to your original idea. Through a cool timeline under the chart, you can show if the trade is active, how news has affected it, or if the target was hit. By using snapshots, you can demonstrate how price action develops along the way. It makes your ideas more informative and dynamic, engages your readers, and generates extra views and likes. Your followers will also get instant notifications of any updates.
  1. Everyone has something to share. Among our contributors are experienced traders with proven strategies who contribute some pretty awesome content. Some members even believe that only they should be able to publish ideas. We passionately disagree. We believe aspiring traders of all levels have something to share, be it a good trade opportunity, a valuable tip, or a profound insight.

This works in 5 ways:

  • It helps others
  • You learn by getting feedback
  • You hold yourself accountable
  • You see yourself improve
  • You build a reputation in the online financial space.

There is great value in sharing your journey to become a better version of yourself as a trader with a public trading journal to show for it.

  1. Be truthful. Avoid publishing after-the-fact winners or ideas where price progressed significantly towards your target before you publish them. Don’t selectively update only winners, or claim profit on losers. It might feel like your natural instinct to do this, but it’s not really fair, is it? Not only that, but it won’t give you a real advantage because the trust you worked so hard to gain is easily lost. That can really hurt your reputation. Our users have formed a tactile community that understands, given the nature of the market, everyone will most likely get something wrong at some point. Own it. Getting better at anything requires you to be perfectly honest about your successes along with your failures. But be honest with yourself first and foremost. So own up to losing trades and treat them as opportunities to improve. This will only help you out in the long-run. Think of it as a journal. When you publish some analysis, you can come back weeks, months, or even years later and learn from it. Honesty is always the best policy!
  1. Have patience. Don’t expect to get noticed and build a following right away. Remember, what comes fast, won’t last. Your first publications, even if they are good, may only get a few likes. But don’t get discouraged by that. Keep sharing ideas and you will gradually earn respect and interest from our community. If you offer good services, don’t rush to sell them from day 1. Increase your chances by earning recognition and trust first through the contribution of quality content. It’s worth the effort since it’s human nature to prefer to buy from people whom we trust.

Using these tips will help you improve your reputation and make a name for yourself. Apply them, utilize them to boost your reputation and bring on some awesome ideas! We are counting on you to engage our community in the best of ways!