10 top tips to creating awesome and lasting custom chats

Note: Only members with upgraded plans can request new rooms.

There are essentially 5 types of custom chat rooms:

  1. Instrument Rooms, discussing tradable assets (i.e. Gold Discussion or Oil (WTI / Brent)).
  2. Strategy Rooms, discussing systems to achieve profitability (i.e. Andrews Pitchfork Traders or Supply & Demand Trading).
  3. Signature Rooms, where a specific member interacts with the community regarding their precise method and ideas (i.e. nmike Divergence Trading Room or Key Hidden Levels).
  4. Country / Language Rooms, where non-English speaking members can chat in their native language (i.e. Romanian Traders or Brazilian Traders).
  5. Topical Rooms, discussing trading or site-related themes (i.e. Pine Script Editor or Community Powered Technical Help).

Unfortunately, about 80% of all created custom rooms turn out to be unviable. They either lack an audience, suffer from insufficient activity, or wind up abandoned. To increase the success rate and based on extensive experience reviewing and monitoring these rooms, our moderators have crafted a list of 10 top tips to creating awesome and lasting custom chats. The key driver behind these do’s and don’ts is the realization that any newly created room is competing for attention against 55 pre-established rooms with loyal visitors.

The tips below come from @JazzForex, a moderator on TradingView.

    1. Be inclusive. Opt for a topic that’s compelling and relevant to a broad group of members. Narrowly defined rooms serving a niche audience often don’t make it.
    2. Be original. Search the existing chats before creating a new one, to avoid making a (near) duplicate.
    3. Be crystal clear. Give the room a clear and concise purpose and title. These are your room's calling card and most members will ignore ambiguous rooms.
    4. Be an effective advocate. Share the link to the chat with your followers and bring it to the attention of those who may be interested in the topic.
    5. Be committed. Show commitment to the chatroom you created by regularly spending time there and keeping the conversation going. If the creator abandons a room, why would other visitors return? Remember: small talk and pleasantries are fine, but sharing ideas is what counts. That’s what keeps visitors coming back.
    6. Establish yourself. We’re not going to lie or sugarcoat it. It really helps if the creator has an established record of achievement with the TradingView community. Rooms created by new or little known members rarely make it.
    7. Know your role. Don’t create your own rules for the room and try to enforce them. You are its creator, not its moderator and making up well-intentioned, but unofficial rules will only confuse others. The House Rules apply to all chats.
    8. Give before you get. Don’t create a chat only to ask others for their opinion. Give your own view first and let others respond to that. Merely asking others for their viewpoints wont jumpstart a lasting conversation.
    9. Check your mindset. Don’t create a chat expecting to quickly gain followers or reputation from it. Successful, lasting rooms are created based on what they can do for the community, not on what they can do for their creator.
    10.  Don’t over-promise. Manage expectations about what the chat will bring. Visitors will stay away if promises are not kept or expectations remain unfulfilled.

If you have an upgraded plan and are thinking about creating a new custom room, then take advantage of these tips to increase the chance of creating an awesome, long lasting chat. Who knows, maybe you will create something that eventually receives hundreds or even thousands of messages daily!