Streams and stream comments rules

Streams are how you go live and share market commentary, trade ideas, and analysis on video. All house rules apply to live streamers and viewers. Here are some tips:

  • All Streams should have a clear title, picture, and description so people can easily understand the Stream and join in. 
  • When re-streaming to other video platforms, both video and audio are required to be hosted on TradingView.
  • Do not include copyrighted content. Please refer to our copyright and fair use house rules policies for more information.
  • A Stream may include other platforms during broadcast, only if TradingView’s product or data is insufficient to make your point. No exclusive streaming of other platforms will be permitted.
  • Interact with TradingView audience during broadcast. Silent streaming of your screen won't be permitted.
  • If your stream language is not the current locale language, then state your Stream language within the Stream description.