Quick overview of the Screener’s functionality - things you need to know before getting started

The screener is a service that searches for symbols corresponding to your immediate filtering criteria, providing you with current symbol data in the form of a table.

Start working in the screener by setting the desired filtering in the Filters menu or in the column headers: 

You can save the filters’ set-up in the dropdown located next to the "Filters" button. You can name this filtering preset, and you will then be able to apply it to your screener from the same dropdown. 

If you see a * sign in the screen name, it means that the filters have not been saved yet:

You can add and remove columns by clicking on the "Column setup" button:

After you have set the columns you need, you can save this set of columns by choosing "Save Columns As":

Note that the column set is not saved along with the filter preset as these are two separate elements of the screener system. Therefore if you have configured the columns, but only saved the filter screen, when you switch screens the sequence of columns will return to the default state after reloading your page.

The time interval is set here. Simply click on this button and choose the timeframe that will be applied to filters and the actual data.

Some filters/columns have a predefined interval already, such as e.g. "change 5m", "Weekly Volatility", etc.

Please note that the screener data is not updated with the same frequency as the data on the chart. The refresh rate of the table is located here: